Saturday, February 23, 2013


I went out to go run some errands today and found 3” of new snow on the driveway.  That’s not the perplexing part, I knew a big storm was coming in today.

What does have me a little confused and concerned were the footprints in the snow.  All the way from the front sidewalk, up the driveway and to the back of the house where the garage is.  They didn’t get close enough to the Jeep to suggest anyone got into it.  They didn’t go next to the garage or even into the carport.  Whomever it was just walked halfway across the parking area and then turned around and went back out to the street.

Curious.  Makes me wonder how many times this happens when there isn’t snow on the ground to give them away.



Lisa Shafer said...

Several years ago, I found 2 sets of footprints that showed me that during a school day, 2 adults, presumably male (based on shoe size and style), had gone through the gate and into my yard and had stood looking up at one large tree, then walked back.
I still have no idea.

Perhaps your visitor was someone curious about your parking area. But it's still kind of creepy.

Max Sartin said...

Creepy. Wonder what was up that tree that had them so interested? You just wish they would respect private property, especially if they have to actually open a gate which is, presumably, there to keep people out.