Monday, October 15, 2012

New Neighbor(s)

Looks like I’m going to be getting new neighbors in the near future.  I saw this sign go up a couple of days ago, a few months back the owner mentioned that he was possibly going to be moving to California, but I’d thought the move was off.  Seems not.

There’s a lot of stress involved in moving, which is one reason I’m determined to stay in my house until they put me in a home, or the ground.

But there’s also some stress involved in getting new neighbors.  Especially when you’ve got good ones now.  I have no control over who chooses to move in.  Will we get along?  Will they be good neighbors, or will they ruin the bliss of my house?

Who knows, but at some point I guess I’ll find out.  And you’ll probably read about it.


Lisa Shafer said...

Well, you know I've got heaven on one side and hell on the other. May you get something closer to my heavenly neighbors.

Karen S. said...

I can't wait...I have a feeling it might be somebody really cool....or it could just sit waiting and waiting, as houses if not priced right (as in dirt cheap) they aren't moving very quickly! I spent some time this weekend on Lake Minnetonka, and there are a lot of houses out there for sale- and have been- they are just too expensive! Good luck - and will you be baking cookies as a welcome offering? :)

Max Sartin said...

Lisa - No kidding. With the back of the apartment complex on the other side, it would be really nice to have a friend on the other side.

Karen - Maybe my home made lasagne? The housing market is getting better here in the Salt Lake valley, so my neighbors may not have to wait too long.

Karen S. said...

That's good for them, and possibly you too! Who knows what may be in store for ...possibly a girl kitty even for your boys! Oh yeah!