Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rollercoaster ride from hell.

Computers suck.  We rely on them heavily, and then they just break down, out of nowhere their hard drive crashes and we lose everything we’ve got.

Then we became smart enough to keep a backup of our important stuff.  Now we’re safe, if either goes bad, we’ll still have one copy of our information.

Until two hard drives go belly up within a week and a half of each other.  Which, you all probably know, happened to me this month.

Well, yesterday I got the call from the Geek Squad that they were done retrieving the information off my original backup drive.  I went down there to pick it up and find out how things went.

They told me that they were able to save some 590GB of the 620+GB that was on there.  The disk went down in flames before they could get the rest.  I headed home fearing the worst, that the missing 40GB was the REALLY important stuff.

I got home, plugged the new 3TB hard drive into the new computer and waited for it to install the driver.  Then I started going through the stuff they had saved.  I was looking for a folder named “MyEverything”, which had all my financial information and all the information for the payroll I do.  It was there, completely intact.  All I lost were pictures, which have their very own hard drive which was not a part of the crash of 2012.

So, all I ended up losing was the stuff I did between the backup hard drive crash and the computer crash.  The week that I printed the W-2 forms and their first payroll of the year.  I’m going to have to recreate the end of the year stuff and re input all the employee data, which will take a lot of my weekend but at least all is not completely lost.

With the original photo hard drive, the first new backup drive and the second one I purchased to have the info transferred onto, I’m now going to have three (3) backups of my vital information.  And I set up my backing-up program to automatically back up everything every day, in the wee hours of the morn.

Now the big question is: Can four hard drives crash simultaneously?  Because I’m not going to wait a week next time to go out and get a replacement for a bad hard drive.  No way.


Karen S. said...

You gotta hope no way. Wow, and I thought having issues with blogger was bad...oh how you sure had it far worse! I sure do like your file name, My Everything! that is totally awesome......and it's super great the Geeks managed to save that important payroll stuff, lucky you Max! May that be the only computer trouble for the rest of 2012, and like maybe forever too!

Max Sartin said...

Thanks Karen, I'm hoping I'm done with these problems for the year, and beyond, too!

Lisa Shafer said...

Seriously, I went through almost the same thing trying to retrieve my stuff. I understand. Glad you didn't lose anything else.

Alexia said...

You must be incredibly relieved. It makes me shudder that so many people don't back up their hard drives at all. Imagine losing everything!
Good on the Geek Squad!

Max Sartin said...

Very relieved. It only took me an hour or so to recreate the current payroll files. Recreating last year's is going to be a bit harder, since I had to switch programs for 2012. And I'm still having some issues hooking Thunderbird back up to all my email accounts, but overall it worked out quite well considering.