Saturday, January 14, 2012

How about some more After Dark photos?

I took these one night as they were moving a pre-fab bridge into place where I-80 crosses 7th East.

This first one is in Fairmont Park.  That’s me and my evil-twin brother.  Or maybe just a 30 second shutter shot where I switched places half way through.

This bridge was already in place, where I-80 crosses Highland Drive.  As you can see, they weren’t quite done with the underneath work.

Just north of the freeway is a Utah State Liquor Store.  The only alcohol you can buy at a grocery store in Utah is beer, and 3.2% alcohol beer at that.  All other bottled alcohol must be bought at a State owned and run liquor store, and that includes wine-coolers (alca-pop as they call it).

Looking north on Highland Drive, from right next to the Liquor Store.

The bridge at 700 East being lowered into place.  It was build where the off ramp was, while traffic still continued on the freeway, and then moved into place in one day.

I’d hate to be driving I-80 west and end up on that bridge.

The next three pictures are the exact same shot, just with different shutter speeds.  They were taken facing north on 7th East, facing the opposite direction from where I took the pictures of the bridge being lowered.

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Lisa Shafer said...

Oh yeah. I remember seeing that ghostly shot of you before.
And the bridge. Shudder. I'm so glad the construction there is done.

Max Sartin said...

You mean you didn't enjoy 2001, when everything was under construction?

Alexia said...

Fantastic series, Max! What was the shutter speed for the middle of the last 3 shots?

Lisa Shafer said...

It wasn't just 2001; it was FIVE years preceding the olympics that we dealt with construction.....

Karen S. said...

I remember seeing this shot of the two of you also... not sure how you did it, but it's cool.... the street shots without the construction are my favorites. You do know how to catch great night shots, they always seem to have a warm glow to them....!

Max Sartin said...

Alexia - the great thing about digital photos is that you can go back, check the properties and find all that information. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to tell you that the shutter speeds were ½ second, 1.3 and 1.6 seconds long. One of the benefits of digital over film.
Lisa - yeah, but 2001 was when my commute went from a couple miles to 15, so I noticed it a lot more.
Karen - I found a nice dark spot, set the shutter speed to 20 seconds, stood in one place for 10 seconds and then stood in the other place for the remainder. It's a lot of fun to try different things with, like just moving very slowly.