Saturday, September 26, 2009

Old picture of the week?, month?, quarter?, whatever.

…. In 1998 I went to Denver with 4 other teachers from my school for a Mid-Level Conference.  The other math teacher on the jaunt was Ms. T, an older, naive, somewhat conservative lady that for some reason still loved my off-the-wall humor.  (One day at school I rolled her through the halls on her chair, between classes when the halls were full). 

…. We were driving through Denver in our rental car, she had us stopping here and there looking for a Symphony chocolate bar she was craving.  When I saw this adult bookstore I pulled into the parking lot and told her that I was pretty sure that they had some in there.  I don’t remember how I convinced her that it was a convenience store or how I knew they had her candy in there, but she was all ready to head in there asking for a Symphony Bar.  I also have no idea what she would have ended up bringing out, but I just couldn’t let her go in.  We all got a good laugh, and then decided to pose for this picture to give to our principal (who just happens to be my principal again now). 


So, here are 5 teachers standing under the sign for a triple-x book store.  On the left is the Social Studies teacher, then the science teacher, two math teachers and an english teacher. Yup, this principal hired me back despite this picture.



A Paperback Writer said...

Funny, but standing under a sign isn't terribly incriminating... and there were no under-age people with you.
Y'know, I think even here in Utah that's not enough to send you to court for child rape (although if they're been a teenager passing through the lot 100 feet away from you, you just might've had a problem on your hands.).

Max said...

Yeah, but one of the things I realized teaching up on the east side is that, there, perceptions are more important than substance. We had a new teacher there that was perceived to be a lesbian, and parents were trying to yank their kids out of her class.

A Paperback Writer said...

Oh my. We've got two who are lesbian, but since it's pretty quiet, no parents have freaked out about it yet.... Here's hoping they don't because someone's sexual preference hasn't got much to do with her/his teaching abilities, of course.
And what gets me is how often in Utah people assume that gay = pedophile. How stupid is that?
Sorry to rant. Just ignore me.

Max said...

No problem, I love rants that I agree with. And rants I don't agree with are good for poking fun at.
The really funny thing was that there was a lesbian teacher up there at the time, but since she was feminine and she and I flirted all the time, nobody thought she was and all the parents loved her. They both were (possible still are) excellent teachers, regardless of who they went home to.

A Paperback Writer said...

Well said. :)

Max said...