Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bad week in the PR Department.

As in “Peer Relations.”

Had a student transfer from another teacher’s Algebra class to my PreAlgebra class on Monday.  Tuesday I got an I/M from the previous teacher asking me to send him over with his Algebra book because she needs it back.  It was an B day so I didn’t see him, so of course I didn’t send him.  This morning (Wed) there is a note in my box reminding to send him over as soon as I see him.  Then 2nd period, the class I have him, I get an I/M saying;

“Could you send [him] over, I NEED that Algebra book.”

To which I replied “He’s on his way right now. chill.”

I got back “Seriously, you did not actually say that. }=”

That little extra at the end is a scowl.  I got scowled at by a coworker over the I/M.  Banner week.

Now, maybe I’m a little defensive after those notes from the custodian.  Maybe it’s just been a bad week because the kids were uber-hyper because of the impending 5 day weekend (for the students).  Maybe it’s just because I ran out of Diet Coke halfway through the day.  I dunno.

I just know that I’m really happy that it’s a long weekend……



A Paperback Writer said...

DP says you need to make sure you don't hang around with "W." and your life will be looking up.

Max said...

How did DP know the teacher that I was talking about? Especially since you probably didn't even read this post until you got home, and chances are really good that DP told you this before you left? Hmmm, maybe between you and her, you are clairvoyant?

A Paperback Writer said...

It's just I've told her twice now about your comments about negative people at the school and how you've only found a few with a sense of humor. Today when I shared the custodian tale in team meeting, another teacher said, "He needs to hang out with _________ and _________." (I forgot the names.) and DP immediately snarked out, "No, he just needs to STOP being around W----."
I don't know any of these people, but it was clear that D knew EXACTLY what might be the problem. She feels for you.

A Paperback Writer said...

Looking at this again, my question is: why the heck didn't she send a kid from her class to get the book? Or why didn't she get his schedule from the office, drop by another of his classes during her consultation, and get the book then? If I needed a textbook that badly (which is possible), that's what I'd do.

Max said...

Absolutely, it's not that I doubted she needed the book, but if you NEED it that much, track the kid down yourself.

Max said...

Ok, now I'm curious about the two blanks, and since I NEED to know who they are, I'm going to email you every day over this long weekend to remind you to find out who they are on Monday. And then I'll email DB on Monday to remind you in person. Ok? That's not too obsessive, is it?
I do find it amusing, and amazing, that DP brought up W without any mention of her in the first place, and even before she heard about the book incident. Tells a lot about this person. Tell DP it'll be ok, her room is far away from mine, down several twisty and confusing halls, so there's a good buffer zone.

A Paperback Writer said...

It wasn't DP who made the suggestions; it was our team science teacher. She said first names only, and I believe the two names she gave were women's names. DP made no response, so I don't think she knew them. They probably aren't math teachers, then. But, of course, that won't matter if you can get someone with a sense of humor. Perhaps one of them is the gal you already discovered as having a sense of humor.

A Paperback Writer said...

And this is the second time DP has brought up W. in connection to feeling a bit sorry for you there. She has also mentioned the principal favorably, as have you. I think D just knows you well enough to know whom you'll like and whom you want down several twisty hallways -- or possibly in another county.