Thursday, September 17, 2009

I’m baaaaaak….

…. I committed my first act of mayhem at the new school today, and it felt good.
…. Last week I was talking with the 1st year science teacher and we were goofing around pretty good.  She’s one of the teachers there that I get along with really well.  At one point she pretended to sneeze into her hands and wipe it on my shirt, so we got into this little back and forth thing.  At one point I threatened to put sticky notes all over her car, and she didn’t believe me.  She jokingly said to just make sure I take pictures of it (duh, like I wouldn’t).  So today I gave a stack of sticky notes to each of my students in my advisory class, we went out and plastered them all over her car, I took pictures and emailed them to her.  Yeah it was fun.
…. The really funny part was that another teacher saw it happening and next thing you know, right after school let out, a bunch of them were out there checking it out like they’d never seen anything like it before.  You’da thought Martians had landed a big green spaceship right there in the parking lot.
…. Which just goes to show that this faculty needs a little craziness added to their days. 
…. Ms. Science Teacher (Ms. W) didn’t get the email until after school, so she’s in the hall offering students candy to help her pick all of them off her car.  I ran into one of the students later and she had a bag full of sticky notes.  I’m a little worried as to why she saved them, but whatever.  Sticky notes aren’t damaging.
…. When I walked out to the parking lot to see if Ms. W had left yet, I caught her red handed placing sticky notes on my car.  Not a lot, but they did have something written on them.
…. We had a nice chat out there at my car.  She made it clear that this wasn’t over.  I made it clear that any retaliation would be met with more retaliation.  We both agreed that no damage would be done. 
…. Yeah, things are looking up.
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Tracychan said...

"Never more" This is the second time today that I have been reminded of Edgar Allen Poe after mentioning his name during lunch. Hmmmmmm! I wonder...

Max said...

If I were you, I'd just go home and have a couple classes of Amontillado. I hear it's a killer wine.

jmpnmark said...

In hindsight, I'm sure she wishes she really sneezed in her hand and wiped it on you.

Why didn't she get the busboy at Denny's to clean it up? He has experience in that kinda thing.

A Paperback Writer said...

It's not the Amontillado that kills; it's the company in which you drink it.
Glad someone at the school has a sense of humor.

Max said...

I'm sure she thought about how she should have actually sneezed. And ironically, her car was unlocked, we could have plastered the inside with post-it notes labled steering wheel, dome light, shifter, ignition switch, driver's seat, passenger's seat and so on and so forth. But we only had 10 minutes, and no Mikey to bring us more coffee.
True, true, Writer. The wine didn't kill him, more that he wasn't able to get out. But that's why I don't go down into catacombs with anyone holding a trowel. And unlike your school, it seems I am once again the craziest person on the faculty. that was the biggest adjustment when I came there - I had to work at being the school jester. (And there were too many as good or better).

A Paperback Writer said...

Yes, we gave you plenty of competition.
WEll, at your school you can be a star.

I have a new post up today that you'll like. It hasn't shown up on your update yet, but c'mon over and have a look. You'll understand very well.