Monday, May 25, 2009

What the ........?

Page One of one of the best newspapers Utah has to offer (the Salt Lake Tribune):
"Quality of Utah meth takes a hit"
Sounds like something we should be embarassed about - that we no longer produce world class methamphetamine here in Utah.  Bummer. 
"Why Jake, don't you remember the good ol' days when Utah meth was better'n anywhere?"
"Yup Merle, I've gotsta go all the way ta Californee to get good meth these days."
According to the article just a few years ago Utahns had enough pride to produce meth that was 90% pure, now you see stuff that is as low as 30% pure.  Frank Smith, at the DEA in SLC says, "It's more difficult to find methamphetamines in Utah right now than it's ever been."  Again, the quote the way it is sounds like something we shouldn't be happy about.  Having read the whole article, a headline that would have better  summed it up could have been:
"Rise in crime due to lower strength meth"
or maybe:
"Meth so weak, it's hard to prosecute"
I don't know.  Maybe it's me, but that title just doesn't seem to go with the subject.
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Chris said...

That is obviously a photograph of crystalline cholesterol anyways.

Way to go, Tribune.

Max said...

Well, the picture is my fault. I Googled meth and it was one of the pictures that came up.

A Paperback Writer said...

I thought the stuff in the picture was kosher flake salt. Shows you how much I know about meth.
I wonder what the street value of flake salt is....

Max said...

Writer: Well, in Salt Lake probably not much, but in parts of NYC you might be able to get a pretty penny.