Monday, May 04, 2009

Good news and an old picture

First the good news.  Most of the faculty meeting today was spent on what will happen to us if the school is closed down.  Like I said before, I'll go on the surplus list and take the position of whatever school picks me up. I had thought I'd be stuck there for at least next year, but my principal told us today that is not necessarily the case.  Every Friday for the next 4 weeks new postings will come out, and we will be free to apply and interview for any of those positions.  We are not obligated to stay where we are assigned, that is just the only position that we are guaranteed.  Then, if I don't get my choice over the next 4 weeks, I can put myself on the summer transfer list, and as positions come up throughout the summer, principals will see my name on the list and can call me for an interview.  Since every position I've had has been a summer opening, this is very good news.  Good thing I have already updated my resume!
The picture is of my original garage, the one that was here when I bought the house.  It must have been built in the 40's, or before, and I never parked in it because the shingles were so bad you could see through the roof. I just knew that it would collapse one winter.  Which it did.  But instead of just collapsing, it fell forward, right onto the hood of my car.  The car I purposely parked outside of the garage so it wouldn't get damaged. Yeah, so much for that idea.
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A Paperback Writer said...

You're math. I'm sure you'll get a job.
Fortunately, I'm happy where I am.

Max said...

Yeah, I'm not too worried. I was just happy to find out that if I'm placed somewhere I don't want to be, I can still go out and interview and try to find a place I'd be happier. It's not the change that had me bothered, it was feeling that I had no options. Knowing I have choices in the matter makes a part of me actually a little excited for the change.