Monday, May 18, 2009

Gli avvoltoi stanno circondando.

The vultures are circling.  Have you ever been part of a school closing down?  Not one that moves from one building to another, but one that is going to cease to exist.  It's an interesting experience.  Three weeks to go and different departments are already going through the building looking for what they can take.  People want the pictures off our Hall of Fame.  Other schools already want the art work hanging in our halls.  They want to know who gets the seal in the middle of the front hall.
   I got an email from the district department that supplies our teacher and lab computers.  They're sending pallets for me to load all the computers onto.  They wanted me to start as soon as we get done with the end of the year CRT tests - this week.  I sent an email back saying that our teachers were planning on using the computers up into the last week.  They deferred until the end of school.  When I told the principal about this she said that things had gotten so bad in the office that she had requested a postition from the Superintendency.  She got an official letter now that she can show stating that we are still a fully functioning school and that nothing will be taken from the school until the school year is officially over.  
   Frankly, I'm surprised that I was even the slightest bit surprised that educators would need to be told that.
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A Paperback Writer said...

Nice photoshopping.
Well, I'm sure it's annoying, but teachers, as you know, are HUGELY into recycling, dumpster diving, and getting free stuff -- since we have no money to get it otherwise. Again, I'd hate to be in the middle of it, but it is good to know that nothing will go to waste. It's nice to know it's all wanted.

The Gearheads said...

Hmmm.. seems reminiscent of a trip to somewhere in Arizona, huh?

Max said...

Oh, man Gearhead, I hadn't even thought of that. But oh so appropriate.

"Do you vant that?"
"Do you vant that?"

Except that in Arizona it was a bunch of old ladies and they wanted furniture that we were afraid to even look in.

jmpnmark said...

Can I have the toliet seats? I collect them.

Max said...

Um, all of them, jmpnmark? 100 years of butts sitting on them and you want them for a collection? I'll let you know if they're tearing down the building, because otherwise they'll probably still need them.