Saturday, May 30, 2015


End of the year tests are over, text books are all turned in and lockers have been cleaned out.  We are in the final days.
When one of the science teachers begged out of the watermelon squish and I was asked if I wanted to take her place, I figured why not.
So my classes spent Friday out on the lawn wrapping rubber bands around watermelons until the exploded.  Messy fun.  And science, logic and planning involved.
Only one of my 6 classes won the race and exploded their watermelon before any of the science classes.  But even the losers had fun spiking their rubber band wrapped watermelons on the ground and watching them explode.  Plus, they got to eat whatever parts were still edible.
The end of the school year may be stressful at times, but they also have their fun times.


Lisa Shafer said...

I must say that I've never heard of squishing watermelons with rubber bands. That does seem like fun physics. :)
I'm also glad to say that for ONCE our students are still allowed to use their lockers until all the work days of school are over. For us, Monday and Tuesday are still work days. And -- praise be given -- locker clean out is that last 20 minutes of school on Tuesday. I've always hated it that the admin makes kids clean out their lockers while expecting us to keep them learning. This year, it won't be that way. :)

Max Sartin said...

We had locker clean out last Thursday, but just to get the school books out, clean all the writing off them and throw away the trash. Our custodians don't change the combos until after school is over, so the kids can still use their lockers all week.