Sunday, May 10, 2015

Easy as pie.

It's amazing how fast things dry out here in Utah. Went back to get the Jeep today (yeah, couldn't get it out yesterday - too muddy) and we decided to hike out to it to see if the Armada would make it. We get there and my little brother says "You got the keys?" He suggests we try it before heading to get all the equipment*. I hand him the keys and tell him to go for it, expecting it to go nowhere. He puts it into 4-lo, rocks it about 3 times and it comes right out of the holes. It was like pudding yesterday and after only 14 rain-free hours it was solid. Go figure.

*Figuring we'd be fighting to get it out, we brought:
- 2 hi-boy jacks
- tow chain
- come-along
- winch
- 6 bags of lava rocks to put under the tires
- 3 2x6s and 4 2x4s of varying length
- a big, flat rock
- gloves and spare shoes.
We could have walked out in shorts and flip-flops and got it out.

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Lisa Shafer said...

Deserts are so weird.

Of course, when I lived in Scotland, I could never get used to the fact that the ground was never hard. Even in the summer, it was always spongy, like it is in a spring thaw here. Never did I once feel the packed, hard earth of the desert under my feet. It always felt disturbing to me; in my mind, dirt is not supposed to be like that all the time.