Saturday, May 02, 2015

Bombshell Friday

Yesterday I found out my principal was re-retiring (she already retired once and came back). I've worked with her at 3 different schools for 11 of the 22 years I've been teaching (that's 50% of my career). I really can't blame her, but it's going to be weird getting used to a new principal. For the last 10 years, every principal I've worked with has been someone I'd worked with before and knew what to expect. Depending on who they assign to my school, I may be moving again.

On the positive side, lately I’ve been thinking about taking a 1 year leave-of-absence from my district and teaching in one of the many small towns in Utah.   I’ve got a friend that lives in Salt Lake but works in Price.  She’s got a 2 bedroom apartment there (they are cheap in Price) and she is willing to rent me the second bedroom if I decide to teach there.

It might be fun, and if nothing else, it’ll be an experience.


Lisa Shafer said...

I found out about your principal on Friday, too, as DP, your former math dept head, told me she'd seen your principal at the district retirement dinner.
We're losing people in DROVES right now, as we don't know what will happen to our school after the '15-'16 school year. Thus, many teachers are choosing to take other positions NOW so that they have some control over where they're going, rather than wait and let the district place them somewhere.
Hey, if you don't like your new principal, we will have TWO math openings at our school next year! :)

I'll miss you if you move to Price. I'll have to drive down on breaks so I can go Jeeping in the desert with you once in a while!!!

(Oh no! What will I do when I need help with a new book cover!! Ack! I think I depend on you too much! Scary.)
Ah well, I can see the need for some change. It's human nature.

Lisa Shafer said...

They tweeted out your new principal tonight. Thus, it's now public knowledge.
Have you met him yet?

Max Sartin said...

Not yet. We're going to meet him next Friday.