Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Ain’t been done in over a decade.

They announced who will be the new principal at my school for next year.  There were several possibilities, a few of which I had worked with before.  The one they chose is not.

Thinking back I realized the last time I started a school year with a principal I had never worked with before was back in 2001.  Heck, when I came to this school I had already worked with the principal, vice-principal and one of the counselors.  I knew what to expect.

The good news is that they didn’t assign the one person I would not work with, so I won’t be putting in for summer transfer this year.  Figure I might as well give it at least a year and see how things go.

Well, c’est la vie.  And at least I do have the schedule I wanted next year – all 7th grade.


Lisa Shafer said...

You'll have to tell me who the one that would have sent you packing is. :)
You know your schedule already? Heck, I'm jealous! We're always lucky if we know by the end of the school year!
This year, the counselor changed THREE of my classes around a couple of weeks AFTER school had started. Thus, it was nearly mid-term before I "knew" my own schedule.
I'm hoping for 3 9th grade regular English, 9GT English, and 2 mixed 8th and 9th Spanish 1 -- NO 7th grade!

Max Sartin said...

Just ask Mr. Davies, he'll be able to tell you.

I don't know which periods or anything like that, but I do know I have all 7th grade, half honors and half regular. Just like with the heat vs. cold thing, we're polar opposites on the grade thing too. I keep saying NO 9th graders - give me all 7th please!

Lisa Shafer said...

It's not the sevvies that cause problems for me; it's their PARENTS. Parents of 9th graders do NOT expect teachers to e-mail every time a kid is missing an assignment. They KNOW how to use the websites. They also expect their kids to take some responsibility for stuff.