Saturday, October 25, 2014

This week.

At lunch, I was talking to a small group of 8th grade boys. “T” was speaking when his voice cracked and he commented “Ain’t puberty great?” I said something about how everybody goes through it and he responded “I’m not going through puberty - puberty is going through me!

Earlier in the week another student was telling me about what he had done over the long weekend.  He had gone to his grandparent’s farm and helped prepare the live poultry for dinner.  Since he had to grab them by the throat he referred to it as “choking the chicken.”  I had to hold in the laughter because I honestly believe he did not know the other meaning of that phrase.  Neither did any of the other students hanging around, not even a snicker from any of them. 

And finally – I keep saying that there is a reason I teach math and not English.  But according to a Facebook online quiz (which are totally reliable and accurate), maybe I should be teaching English.

Mebbe not.

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Lisa Shafer said...

And I'm such a grammar nazi that I now want to take the quiz!