Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bad words at lunch.

A kid in a group of 7th grade boys eating lunch called me over to tell me that someone in the group was saying a bad word. When I was told that the word was “penis”, I said that it wasn’t a bad word, after all it’s just a body part, like heart or lungs. His response?

“Yeah, but you don’t have sex with your lungs.”

Ahh, the innocence (sort of) of 7th graders.

On the flip side, sometimes their bluntness is helpful.

Friday on the drive to school, it seems the wind made a mess of my hair.  I had no idea and talked to at least two other teachers before school started.  Nobody said anything.

The first kid in the door for first period looks at me and says “Nice hair!”  He’s a nice kid, so it wasn’t meant to be rude, but simply an 8th grader making an observation.

Thanks, teachers.  If it hadn’t been for the bluntness of the kids, I would have gone through an entire day with my hair standing on end.


Karen S. said...

It's one of those magical, precious moments of childhood innocence! I was explaining playground rules (written sign there) and about Karma with two of grandson's (they were playing a bit too rough) the six year old said, Karma? That's not real. Show me a picture. If it's not in a picture it's not real. Oh no, fiction writers beware take note of this thinking! Yikes.

Lisa Shafer said...

That's one of those situations where you can't respond without risking a parent phone call. :)