Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Intersection from hell.

I wrote about an incident at the intersection of 21st South and 13th East that happened last Saturday.  I got onto Facebook today and a friend of mine who is the manager at the Chevron there wrote:
That's bad intersection, today at the same intersection someone was hit by a car.  The same guy (butt crack boy) in fact.

And then just about an hour later he posted:
 And now this happens because they have the intersection blocked off, smh.

 I'd love to avoid this intersection, but unfortunately I have to go through it twice a day to get to work and home.  Either that or go 20 blocks out of my way.
Crazy stuff.

Update:  Here's the article on

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Karen S. said...

You'd think those in charge (DOT) would figure out what to do to solve this madness?!