Thursday, October 16, 2014

Shoulda been an Art Teacher.

I’m trying to inspire my students to enjoy and understand mathematics, but instead I seem to be their artistical muse.

One of my students drew this on the back of her test:

And another student, in another period, drew this on his notes:

I was talking about why scientists sometime leave square roots in this form: 2√3 instead of calculating it out in decimal form and rounding it off to 3.5. The idea being that if you are sending a rocket to Mars and doing thousands of calculations, all those rounding-offs would cause a huge margin of error, and you could end up missing Mars by hundreds of thousands of miles.

At least he was paying attention to the lesson.

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Karen S. said...

I say, what ever turns on their imagination the better....gets their mental process in order....especially when it comes directly from their brain to a piece of paper (hopefully) with a type of writing instrument! It helps when a teacher is inspiring too! I so bet you'd be my favorite teacher!