Friday, October 11, 2013

Dude, leave a little room between your front bumper and my back one.

At least once a month there is an accident on the road that is in front of my house.  There is a lot of traffic during rush hour, they pack themselves in bumper-to-bumper, and inevitably someone who isn’t paying attention slams into the car in front of them.

Today it ended up right in front of my driveway.   I don’t think the sedan was the one not paying attention, I just think that they were way too close to the back end of the SUV.

The Honda was behind the other two, so my guess is that they slammed into the sedan, pushing it into the SUV with enough force to slide it right under the SUV.

Now I could have the facts wrong, but this is still why I hate it when the car behind me is right on my bumper, even when at a complete stop at a red light.


Lisa Shafer said...

At least they weren't blocking your exit.

Max Sartin said...

True that.