Monday, October 14, 2013

#@%& *(&^%$ @#%&^%

According to my Discover Card, I was at the Bayside Hotel somewhere in South Carolina sometime around 8:00 this morning.  Yup, and I charged almost $700.

Fortunately their fraud division was on the ball and declined the $650 charge, although they approved the $10 purchase at the gift shop.  They called me and emailed me to call them back to verify whether the charges were valid or not.

So, I won’t be held responsible for the fraudulent charges, but I had to cancel my card so they could issue a new one to me.  Now, normally that wouldn’t be a problem, even with the 7 days I would have to wait for the new one to show up.

Except that I had just authorized about $500 in repairs on my Jeep and I didn’t know how I was going to get it out of hock.  I told the guy at Discover my situation, and he said he could “emergency” send me a new card that would show up in about 2 days.  Phew!

Round 2 of #@%& *(&^%$ @#%&^%

Except, the repair shop called and told me that they think the computer to my Jeep was fried, and that I would have to bring it down to the dealership.  Oh, and I owed them $150 for the stuff they did do.  They were willing to hold on to my Jeep until the card showed up, except that would mean it wouldn’t make it to the dealership until Wednesday and probably wouldn’t be done until Friday.

Oh, did I mention I plan to go down to Moab, in the Jeep to 4-wheel,  for the long UEA weekend?

Yeah. #@%& *(&^%$ @#%&^%!

Well, I had $60 to spare in the checking account, and a student loan that doesn’t get pulled out until the 20th, so I just borrowed from myself and got the Jeep out of hock and brought it down to the dealership.  I just have to remember to get a $100 cash advance when the Discover card comes in and get it into my checking so I don’t default on the student loan.

What a Monday.  


Alexia said...


Lisa Shafer said...

So, how was South Carolina? I'm impressed you made it back in time for 1st period. Mach 2 and all that.

Geez, that sucks. Still, I'm really glad they questioned the charges.

My week's been pretty awful, too, but I'll tell you another time.
I'd make you promise to go down the Shafer Trail, but it's in Canyonlands, so it'll be closed. Bummer.

Max Sartin said...

Well said, Alexia.

Lisa: South Carolina was beautiful. I was really happy they questioned the charges and informed me, I thanked him several times because I'm sure he has to put up with some obnoxious customers that get all bent out of shape from the inconvenience. Personally, I found this a lot less inconvenient than fighting several fraudulent charges on the account would have been.