Sunday, May 26, 2013

The garage is organized.

I finally cleaned out the garage enough to get two cars back into it.  The front of the stall my Jeep is in still needs a little organizing, but the rest of the garage is done.

Some of the things I found this time include: A whole bunch of pliers and 4 pipe wrenches,

A million and a half screwdrivers,

5 utility knives, and last month I spent an hour looking for just one, and it had a dull blade,

One of these.  Recognize it?  It’s back from when motor oil came in actual cans,

A whole bunch of unused film,

Some pain reliever that expired in 2001,

A telephone extension cord,

And an old cell phone,

My old Discman,

And an ad for the earlier version, a Walkman,

An ancient mixer, without blades,

An old can opener,

And a couple of pre-Photoshop cartoons that I altered for school,

And finally, a bunch of old negatives that I hadn’t scanned yet.  This is the Haunted Old Mill back in the late 70’s – early 80’s.

See how much it had changed by 2007?

Salt Lake City, back then.

And some pictures I took right after my old garage collapsed.

With the car it fell onto in front of it.  I was afraid that it would collapse, so I parked the car in front of it instead of inside.  My luck, the garage fell forward and the front of it ended up on the hood of the car.

It still ran, although the hood was a little dinged and scratched.  If you know a little Utah history, you may understand why I named this car Ervil.


Lisa Shafer said...

Unfortunately, I do understand the car name. Was the car truly that evil?
Of course, I had a college friend who drove a Ford Pinto so evil she named it The Antichrist.

That's a LOT of screwdrivers. I can only assume you just kept buying new ones when you couldn't find the old ones.

Yes, I recall having to push those spouts into cans of motor oil.
And those are my favorite type of can openers. In fact, the only can openers I still own (ie the ones that didn't break) are that kind.

Karen S. said...

Bravo, clean and organized and your cars are happy to be out of the hot sun! What fun goodies (kind of a blast from the past stuff!) but what's one man's junk could be another man's treasure!

Lisa Shafer said...

Oh, and I'm impressed with your wall o'pliers.

Carmi Levy said...

There's something totally cool about a convertible with its top down - for whatever reason - in winter. I love the contrast!

Can you come clean up my garage, too? :)