Saturday, May 18, 2013

Idle since 2001

In 2001 a friend and I planned on moving down to Las Vegas to teach there.  The pay was better, we’d heard they were desperate for teachers and we were sick and tired of the politics regarding teaching here in Utah.  Ironically, the politics and pay are not any better than they were, but we never even got invited down for interviews.  So we stayed.

Anyhow, I’ve been going through a bunch of the boxes I packed way back then, part of my garage-cleaning project.  I completely filled the recycle and the regular garbage can with stuff I saw no more use for.

I did find some interesting/funny stuff like the original deed to the first property I ever bought (with my little brother, a duplex in Glendale), the programs for my junior high and high school graduations) and my 1979 tax returns.

Some of the other things include:

A picture a student drew of me.

An aptitude test I took in 1986, that disproves the old adage “Those who can’t, Teach”.

My W-2 from the first job I ever had
(not including my paper route).

A Café Rude business card.

Calvin and Hobbes.

The key to the first car I ever owned.

My 8th grade report card. Right after that school year we moved here to Utah.  (I also found all my high school report cards, but those I’d rather not have seen).

My senior year school ID card.

My baby footprint.

A traffic warning I got where the cop identified my car as a Ford Metro.  It was a Chevy Metro, but I had removed the Chevy emblem and replaced it with a Ford emblem.

Grand Avenue comic.

For some reason I have a Holy Cross Hospital security patch.

An Olympic poem from one of my students.

From back in the BBS days, a classified ad where a TMC put all his friends up for sale (I’m S’car)

Uh, this one is hard to explain, you had to be there.  But it makes fun of Gayle Ruzicka and the Eagle Forum, so I had to add it.

And finally, the invitation to my wedding to “Lady in Black”.

Ok, maybe some of this isn’t that funny to everyone, but I got some good laughs while cleaning out the garage.  Made the chore a little more tolerable.


Lisa Shafer said...

I saved that same Grand Avenue comic strip!!!

Looks like you've had a bit of fun being an archaeologist this week. :)

Max Sartin said...

yeah, I've thought of standing on the corner with a sign that simply says "I teach in Utah" and see how much money I'd get.

Lisa Shafer said...

You'd have to fight for a spot if you choose the freeway exit by the park!

Max Sartin said...

There have been times I've seen all 4 corners taken at 2100 So and 1300 East. It's a lot of fun when I'm walking down to the Chevron and have to pass by 3 out of the 4. All 4 if I hit the lights differently on the way home.

lailani said...

Traveling down memory lane is always fun, and sometimes funny, and sometimes hilarious :)