Thursday, April 11, 2013

There’s one in every crowd.

I have this sign posted in my classroom because I want my students to think ahead and not wait to the last possible moment, and then expect me to immediately correct, grade and enter scores.

And, unless you’ve been in a coma for the last decade, you should know that you need to show up at the airport at least an hour before your flight leaves.  This is a fact of life in post-9/11 air travel.

As I was getting in line to check in for my flight back from Phoenix, a man in front of me was getting quite upset because the Southwest personnel would not let him and his family cut in front of the 100 or so passengers already there because he was running late and they might miss their flight.  I might have had some sympathy for him if something unexpected had happened, like they got a flat tire on the way or were stuck in the emergency room waiting for one of his kids to get x-rayed.  But it was obvious this was simply a lack of planning when his son said “I told you there would be a line.” and “I kept telling you we should leave already.”  Lack of planning dude, should have listened to the kid.  Oh, and calling out “Hurry up” to no one in particular isn’t going to help either.

But the funniest line was from his older daughter who said “We’ll probably end up having a stop over in Salt Lake City.  We can’t stop there, we’re not Mormon.

It’s amusing, and sad, that even after “hosting the world” here for the 2002 Olympics, there are still a whole lot of misinformed stereotypes about Utah out there.


Lisa Shafer said...

You mean you don't carry your Mormon visitors' permit with you at all times, allowing you to be here?! I'm shocked!

As for the sign, I've had one with the same message posted in my classroom since Day One of my teaching career. Unfortunately, it's usually the PARENTS who need to remember it the most.

And did you count how many times you rolled your eyes while listening to Mr. Late in the line?

Max Sartin said...

Well, of course I carry my visitor's permit with me at all times. I got caught up in one of those Gentile roundups back in the 80's and swore that would never happen to me again.

I stopped counting eye rolls when I hit 1,567. Especially since it looked like I was going to be waiting around for over a half hour to board my plane because things were moving pretty quickly and I had made sure I was there at least an hour before departure time.