Sunday, April 28, 2013

Funny Facebook Finds

All I ever do on Facebook is look for these funny little graphics and then share them forward.  I rarely read, and never post, those little “Having lasagna for dinner” updates.  I’m not inclined to care what people are having for dinner, unless I’m invited to join.  And I doubt many of you want to know that I am currently microwaving some leftover pasta.

But, there are a lot of hilarious little graphics on there, so I keep going back.  Here’s a few I decided to “share” here too.

(This one’s for you Lisa)

For those of you who don’t get that last one, this should explain it:


Lisa Shafer said...

Yup. These are all over Pinterest, too. I've pinned most of them onto my various boards.

Here's one for you: a 9th grader parody that I find hilarious and with which I think you'll be impressed.
I assume you know who Taylor Swift is, but I also assume you don't frequently watch her videos (neither do I; my students had to fill me in on this one). Go watch this video:
Then watch this parody:
Then laugh.

Max Sartin said...

I play a lot of T-Swift in Keyboarding, so I went straight to the second video. Hilarious! Especially since I know Mr. Davies and Ms. Nelson.
Tell the kids I was rolling on the floor laughing it was so funny.

Karen S. said...

Oh these are great! I like to search these, and share them on FB as well, especially during all this wintry spring we had- I was even making up my own! Ha! Ha!

Lisa Shafer said...

Good. But the visuals parody Taylor Swift's video, too, so if you haven't seen her video, check it out so you can catch the visual humor as well.

Lisa Shafer said...

Oh, and the screaming sheep is my favorite part.