Monday, December 14, 2009

More than you asked for.

I installedsmoke4 my smoke/CO detectors last night.  I bought them because they didn’t look like your usual detectors, they’re square and curved.  Figured they wouldn’t stick out as much.  They do much more than just warn you that your house is on fire or you are about to suffocate.  They beep and they say “Fire, exit now” and “Carbon dioxide detected, move to fresh air” in both English and Spanish.

But even better they have you set these little switches to match.  I smoke5 had no idea why until I tested the second one – and they both went off. Yup, they’re a SYSTEM.  If one goes off, it tells the other one to go off also.  Way cool.  Now I want to get a dozen more, so I can hear “Monoxido de carbono detectado.  Muevase a un sitio con aire fresco.” broadcast throughout the house.



The Gearheads said...

Those sound cool. Where did you get them and how much did they cost? I want a set too, they would be perfect in this house with the kids.

Max said...

Where else? Home Depot. they cost about $35 each. I read through the manual to see how close they needed to be, but I didn't find anything. But they did point out something that never occurred to me before. My kitchen ceiling is 10' tall, my bedroom ceiling is 8' tall. There's two doors in between the two rooms. With seperate alarms, if a fire started in the main part of the house, it would take a long time to set off the alarm in my bedroom. With this system, the alarm right above my head will go off as soon as the one in the kitchen detects smoke or CO. Niiice.

A Paperback Writer said...

Ooh. It uses the formal command when telling you to move. How Jeevish.