Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Drunk by 10 AM?


I showed up to work at Chevron and one of the workers told me that they had a little bit of excitement that morning.  He showed me the tire tracks going through the snow and over the lawn.

It seems that a DUI10AM2drunk driver (the cop arrested him for DUI, so he really was) tried to come in to get some gas and missed the driveway by a little bit. He must have been going pretty fast, since he was in a 2 wheel drive SAAB, and still made it upDUI10AM3 and over the lawn, which is a little hill.  He was also incredibly lucky that he missed both the light pole on the left side, and the huge rock in the bushes on the right side. (Click on the second picture to enlarge so you can see the rock).  Lucky, yes and no.  The manager said that the driver was drunk enough that he could smell beer all over the guy.  Which is probably why he got arrested for DUI.

The thing I’m still having a hard time with is that this all happened at 10 in the morning.   Seriously, that “well, it’s after 5pm somewhere in the world” really shouldn’t work.



A Paperback Writer said...

I've had students drunk by 10:00 AM. Yeah, it's sad, but an addiction knows no time limits.

Jeff said...

As a teacher, there have been times I could have USED a drink at 10am, but that's another story.

No excuses whatsoever for drunk driving.

Max said...

Yeah, this week would have been a good irish coffee morning week.
2 more days my friends, at least for those of us in the Granite School District.