Tuesday, December 22, 2009

4-wheel drive – 0; stupidity - 1

On the way to work today, right before 4pm, the traffic watch on the radio station I listen to told of 6 or 7 different accidents causing delays for the daily commute.  It never ceases to amaze me how Utahns forget how to drive in snow over every summer.

stupid1To me, the worst offenders are the people in 4-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles.  They seem to forget that despite the fact that they can get through a lot of stuff those poor 2-wheel drives can’t, that they neither stop nor corner any better than any other car on the road.  Case in point, the Jeep in the picture.  We heard about it from a customer, and of course had to look out the back door of the Chevron and check it out.  I have no idea exactly what happened, but they were high-centered on a huge boulder.  To do that they must have been going  fairly fast, to have the momentum to get up on the rock.

But, hey, they have 4-wheel drive.  They stupid2were able to get going fast up the hill, why shouldn’t they? It shouldn’t be able to be pushed around by slush and snow on the road.  It shouldn’t lose control and slam into the median.  No matter how fast they go, they wouldn’t end up being yanked off a big ol’ rock by a tow truck.  Then again, maybe it would.



A Paperback Writer said...

Well, let's all be glad they hit a rock, which probably wasn't too damaged, instead of something or someone else.

Max said...

Good point. If that rock wasn't there, they might have gone right over the median and into oncoming traffic. Woulda been much worse than having to stand around in the snow for an hour or so.