Wednesday, November 26, 2008

All others Palin comparison to this one.

I'm taking a Leadership class for my Master's program this semester. One of the assignments was to read a leadership book and answer a few questions on it. Everybody and their uncle was bound to read "How to Make Friends and Influence People" and those other popular leadership books. So, I was kind of stuck, wanting to read something no one else would be.
In early October I was walking through Barnes and Noble, carrying my recent purchase of season 5 of That 70's Show, when I saw it on a table on the way out. At first it didn't even occur to me to choose it as my book, I just laughed at the oxymoronicy* of it all. Then I realized that I was really a bit curious as to what it could say, and that's when I decided to read it for my class.
Books slapped together immediately after a surprise appointment suck. I could have written it better, it reeked of amateurship.
The book had some good leadership ideas, but very few of them were explained or backed up by Palin's experiences. In fact, you get to know her whole political career quite well, since it is re-hashed from beginning to end in every chapter.
So, if you want to confirm your decision not to vote for her, you can borrow the book from me - it confirmed my decision.

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*Yes, I know that's not a word.


Lieutenant Raymond E. Foster, LAPD (ret.), MPA said...

I would agree that books that
come out in an effort to capitalize on a trend are generally poorly done. Look
at the bright side, in ten years you can answer the trivial pursuit question -
who was the 2008 female GOP VP Candidate.

A Paperback Writer said...

Whoa! Look at what kind of commentors you're attracting now! Dude, did you read this guy's profile? (although San Dimas, CA just makes me think of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure). And the Sherlock Holmes pic!
This is definitely not your usual customer here, Max.

But with regard to the post, I think I would have paid $10.00 to see the looks on the faces of your classmates when you announced your choice of book for the assignment. Surely, if ever there was a sign of the apocalypse, it would be this.
And the punny title is cringe-worthy. Bravo.

Max said...

"Oh, I just have a little Oedipal complex is all." (may not be actual quote)
Bill & Ted is one of my favorite movies, love it!
But, Mr. Foster may not fit the usual visitor to my site, but I liked what he said, and any comment is better than nothing, even if I do disagree with it. I wish more people would comment on here.
I got a few good looks when I showed the book I read, and a few good laughs. But I'm actually glad I chose that book to read, now when and if she tries to run again in 2012, I will have verified reason to make fun of her - the book begs it.
And finally, thanks for the bravo on the pun. I actually originally posted it without a title, I knew there was a good pun in the name Palin, it just wouldn't congeal. then, bam, it came to me.....

A Paperback Writer said...

The muses were with you.

And about unusual visitors: I did a book review in my most recent post (as you probably saw) -- and the author actually found it and came to comment! She disagreed with my math (maybe you should go check my arithmetic for me). But this is only the second time an author has dug up my book review and had something to say about it. (It's not like I'm writing for the NY Times or anything here, so most authors really don't care.)

Max said...

My connection with the muses seems sometimes mystical, like a big cosmic convergence of humor occurring in my mind. (whoa! sorry about that, I was just watching Shirley MacLaine on the morning show.)
I checked your math, which was correct. Details are on your blog...

A Paperback Writer said...

shirley MacLaine.
Oh my.
I watched "Going Out On A Limb" when I was about 12. Even then I thought she was psycho.
See what happens to people when they stop dancing? I could go over the edge any day.....
Oh wait. Too late. I teach junior high. I'm already too far gone to help....

Max said...

I was going to say it, but you already did. Bummer.