Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stupid is as stupid does.

7% of all your emails are important. 13% are irrelevant, but funny. Another 13% are sexually related - "I love you, check out my website" and prescription offers. 14% are some sort of scam and 17% are some sort of chain email (the last person who broke this chain was George W Bush, look what happened to him). The last 36% are total bullshit. Of this type I write tonight.

I got an email from a coworker today, warning me about giving gift cards for Christmas. It told of several companies that were holding off closing their doors and going bankrupt until after the Christmas season so they could sell a bunch of worthless gift cards. The email named over a dozen companies, including Sprint, Dell, Ethan Allen and Rite Aid.

For the love of God, would you people please quit believing everything that is sent to you in your inbox!

I'm not talking to those of you who hit DELETE when you see this propaganda, and fortunately that includes most of you that I choose to associate with. But there are a few acquaintances and coworkers that insist on forwarding every warning, every threat, every support our troops and every "the end of the world is near because a Democrat is going to be president" email that you get.

It's not all true. People are lying to you to either put forth their agenda or just because they think it is funny that so many morons fall for this garbage.

Count me out, take me off your list. Unless you have researched it and found there to be some truth to it, don't clog up my inbox or brain with it.

Thanks. And have a good day.

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naptime nostalgia said...


A Paperback Writer said...

My aunt (bless her heart) is the worst at this.
She sends me all kinds of garbage: Obama is muslim and a terrorist, save the kid with cancer (who's no doubt dead by now because this e-mail has been going around since 1996), etc.
Today it was one of those urban legends about someone getting attacked in their own home.
And this one supposedly happened in Layton. There was even a name attached to it.
Yeah. So, if such an unusual and violent crime happened so close to home recently, why was in not all over the news? Why is e-mail the only way we're hearing about this?
And why is it that every time I get this e-mail from someone different, it has a different name as the person to whom it supposedly occurred?
Yup. No doubt the culprits were among that colony of evil dwarves that live by you. You know, the ones all my students swear are there.

Max said...

Hey, don't doubt the power of the evil dwarfs in Sugarhouse. They exist. I've seen them.
On the good side, if you don't bother their peacocks and peahens, they pretty much leave you alone. Oh, and they don't show up on film, which is why I don't have a picture of them here to prove they exist.

A Paperback Writer said...

I'm sure that's because they're really vampire evil dwarves. Dracula never showed up in a mirror, you know.

Max said...

Snow White and the Vampire Evil Dwarves. 2 different types of movies come to mind, I'll let you all guess on that. But the truth is that they really do exist, and they even have a non-profit organization. They call themselves The Sugarhouse Association of Vampire Evil Dwarves, or S.A.V.E.D. They are actually quite the philanthropists, they are single-handedly responsible for keeping Tracy Aviary solvent for the last 15 years. Don't beleive me? Call the avairy and ask, they'll tell ya.