Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our house, is a very, very fine house. Two cats in the yard, life used to be so hard....

It occurred to me the other day that I've been in my house now for over 15 years, longer than any other house I've ever lived in.
  • Birth - '63 - Princeton, NJ.
  • '63 - '64 - Waltham, Mass.
  • '64 - '74 - Lexington, Mass.
  • '74 - '84 - Vista View Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • '84 - '85 - Provo, Utah. (the longest 6 months of my life!)
  • '85 - '85 - 4100 So, West Valley City, Ut.
  • '85 - '86 - Delno Circle, SLC, Ut.
  • '86 - '86 - Mockorange Drive, WVC, Ut.
  • '86 - '88 - Kenton Drive, SLC, Ut.
  • '88 - '93 - Emery Street, SLC, Ut.
  • '93 - '93 - E Street, SLC, Ut.
  • '93 - now - my house (like I'm going to put the address on the internet)

    It's kind of nice having my home being the place I've lived the longest, especially since I have no intention of leaving the house unless it's in a pine box. Seriously, though, I almost moved out of the house about 8 years ago. I was going to go to Las Vegas, to teach down there. I packed up the entire house, put it in storage and then when the whole Vegas thing fell through (thank God for that) I ended up moving back into my own home. Right then and there I decided; never again, moving is a royal pain in the ---. So, by the time I'm 66 or 67, I will have lived half my life in this house. Yeah, big deal, but it was something that occurred to me and I just had to blog about it.

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A Paperback Writer said...

Let's see, I was born while my folks were living in the house where I live now, so I lived here from July of 65 to May of 69, when we moved to a newer house (you know where it is; you've been there, but I ain't sayin' on the net), and I lived there until I got married (HUGE mistake, not marriage in general, just me to the ex and waaaay too young) in March of 86. I then lived on 700 East and 300 South until Dec 27 of 1986, at which point I moved back into the house where I live now. I stayed here until Sept of 2004, when I moved to Edinburgh (lived at 7 Richmond Court, if you'd really like to know), then moved back here to the same house in Sept of 2005.
Like you, I don't plan on moving out. Although having that one set of neighbors move out sounds really, really good......

And I'm really glad you didn't move to Vegas. You are the maiin humor source in my life. It would be distinctly lacking without you.
And that's mostly not a backhanded compliment, by the way.....

Max said...

MOSTLY not a backhanded commpliment. My, I'm blushing. But thanks, it's nice to be a source of humor for people around me, expecially those FEW times you're not all laughing AT me, but rather WITH me. (Man, I'm full of sarcasm this evening).
Anyway, so basically you're living in the same house you were first brought home to as a tiny cute lil' baby, eh? That's kind of cool, too, since it means you probably have friends you've known most of your life. The longest I've known anyone I still hang around with on a more than semi-annual basis is 15 years, my friend Adele from the Churchell days. I still get together with Ed from high school, but only every 6 months or so when he comes into town - although in some ways we're still as close as we were in high school.

A Paperback Writer said...

Weirdly enough, my social security card eventually came full circle back to the right name and address.
My parents got me an SS# when I was born, with my name and address on it. I've never lost the card. For 14 years, it had the wrong name on it, but, with the divorce and my going back to my real name, and living in the same house where I first lived, all the info is correct again.

No, I don't have any friends left in this neighborhood from when I was a child.
My oldest friend is the younger brother of the fellow you knew in high school (the one who was killed in the car crash in Feb of 77). I met that fellow the day we moved into our new house and we grew up like brother and sister. I still go visit his folks every Christmas and stop over to say hi whenever I see them out (they still live across the street from my parents). I don't see him too often, since he lives in Japan, but when he is home for a vacation, it's just like old times. I saw him last summer, and we talked for a couple of hours.

High school friends? Well, I have 2 that I occasionally e-mail. One other friend from that group got a job with the CIA out of college. No one has been able to locate her for more than a decade now. I don't know if she's still alive or if she's had her identity changed or what. That's a weird thought.

Jannx said...

A very nice house. It looks like a very good investment. I hope it is okay for me to add my two cents? Dates are approximates due to poor memory:

Birth - '80 Queens NYC(house)
'80 - '95 Manhattan(apt.)
'95 - '97 Yonkers NY(apt.)
'97 - '98 Sagamihara, Japan(apt.)
'98 - '04 Mitaka, Japan(apt.)
'04 - '05 Manhattan, NYC(apt.)
'05 - '06 Bronx, NYC(apt.)
'06 - current Yonkers, NY(apt.) *
* Same complex, but different building.

Looking at your posts present and past(and another blog), I need to start thinking about investing in a house.

Max said...

And this is a good time to invest in a house, the market has crashed. My house is worth $40,000 less than it was a year ago, but since it's still worth 3 times what I paid for it, and I'm not selling it anytime soon, I'm not complaining. That's where all these folks stuck in the mortgage mess went wrong, they were greedy. They bought a house that they NEEDED the value to go up drastically in order for them to afford it. Not a good idea. Pick a house you can afford where it is at now, go for a good solid FIXED mortgage and you'll be all right.

Max said...

Oh, and thanks, I really do like my little house, it was a great investment.
As far as dates go - mine were approximate also.