Thursday, October 02, 2008

Getting in trouble in class....

So I'm zoning out in class, and looking up "Blogs of Interest" from bmy blogger dashboard. I came across this one; Fake Interviews with Real Celebrities, and started snickering while the professor was lecturing. I had to quickly save the URL for later and close it. Here's a little taste of the humor:

Other Foreign Policy Experience Cited On Sarah Palin's Resume

  • While at friend's house, enjoyed a cup of General Foods
    International Coffee
  • Got French manicure for Senior Prom
  • Huge fan of Eva Longoria
  • Almost drove into Canada once while lost
  • Watched Fawlty Towers on PBS -- didn't "get it"
  • Stretched round globe-thingy into proper flat shape,
    accidentally caught a glimpse of Africa

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