Monday, October 27, 2008

A Kia, 2 passengers and a pedestrian.

That's what would have died if I had driven the LTD to school.

13th East and 13th South. I'm going 40 (in a 35 zone) just about at the crosswalk when bonehead in the Kia decided to take a right hand turn right in front of me. 1 - he was on the downhill side so there was no doubt he could see me and 2 - as usual, there was nobody behind me for blocks. Slammed on the brakes, cursed his forefathers, passed him on the right when the road split into two lanes, actually just said "thanks" (no "F" word, promise!). Not in a nice way, but that was the only word I said. AND I kept my hands on the wheel. Didn't even flip him off. A studnet told me today that in the recent past, I cut a car off and when they honked at me I flipped them off. Her mother was driving the car, she was a passenger. So, I'm trying to be a little more careful about that.

Then while on campus this woman decides to stroll across the road right in front of me, even though I had the green light. And I'm not talking darting across the road, like I've done sometimes, trying to get across the road before I'm hit or cause an accident. She just strolled across the road like there was no one else around. I had to swerve into the next lane, thankfully there was no one next to me. And again, I didn't swear or give her the single-finger salute. I just yelled "I had the green light" and I went past her. Sheesh, they never told me that going to college would be THIS hard!

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A Paperback Writer said...

One of the reasons I dream of being a writer is that it would mean less time on the freeways -- although, if I weren't out there in the thick of the battle every day, I might lose my touch and be taken out by some idiot going 59 in the passing lane because it's her duty to God and country to make sure that no one speeds on the freeway, so she'll travel just under the speed limit right next to another car so that traffic builds up with 3 miles of angry drivers behind them, all of them ready to kill in order to get around the self-proclaimed guardians of mph....
(Have I rambled enough now?)

Max said...

No, there's never enough rambling. But I do want to thank you, that an accomplished English teacher can blog a full paragraph in one sentence, makes me feel better about my run on, and on, and on sentences. Truth is, sometimes that's the best way to express your frustration.