Saturday, May 03, 2008

Must be something in the water.

It's gotta be. There's no other explanation. People can't be that stupid or naive, can they? Even Republicans.

Chris Buttars just got voted in as the Republican candidate for Utah Senate District 10 [South Jordan, West Jordan and Herriman]. 112 delegates voted for him, that's 60%. I think that even is enough to bypass a republican primary, but I could be wrong. This is a man who not only opposes any kind of equal rights for anyone different from himself, but also has initiated legislation that directly helps his developer friend, has sent a letter to a judge that was overseeing a case involving this same friend, insinuating the way he thought the case ought to be overseen, accept countless gifts from lobbyists and opposed any kind of ethics legislation, on the grounds that it is unnecessary. Oh, did I mention that he is in the back pocket of Gayle (shiver down my spine) Ruzicka and her Eagle Forum (formerly known as the "Citizens for True Freedom"). In my opinion, he is one of the most corrupt politicians in a group of incredibly corrupt politicians. And I mean corrupt even for politicians (let's face it, they all are, somewhat).

Ok, enough ranting, let the blood pressure drop again. I'm fine, gone to my happy place. I've got to work on that, I've been a little bit stressed lately. High School is wrapping up and I am again on the graduation committee; I've got to organize the printing of the programs and the renting of the stage (we have it outside on the football field, weather permitting.) CRT testing, online, has been going incredibly smoothly, but there is always the worry about the #&^$ hitting the fan. College starts up again in a week, and I don't know if my scholarship covers summer semester, so I've been hoarding money in case I have to cough up the $1,500 (plus books). I do have it, but money is a little tight right now. I lost it in Algebra class the other day, not too bad but afterwards the principal simply said "it's just not like you". Which is good to know that people don't see me as someone who generally overreacts. But the same thing happened when a certain appliance didn't want to work properly. No, I'm not going to have a nervous breakdown, so don't worry. You won't be visiting me on 5 West at the U of U Medical Center; in a week the tuition question will be answered one way or another, either way knowing will relieve some stress (I get more stressed when I have money I can't spend than if the money isn't even there). Doris, the English teacher next door, is helping me keep the classroom stress down - just being there to listen to me vent helps a lot, plus the break from the stressors venting gives me. Anyhoo, it's 6:20 and I have to go do something else that relieves stress - hang out with Adele, my friend from the Churchill Jr. days....


A Paperback Writer said...

Great. Just great. Butthead for how many more years? Maybe someone will assassinate him.
We can always hope.
I was in a horrible mood all day Friday because the converter that I use to hook up my new DVD player to the old TV jammed. I spent 20 mintues trying to entertain 7th graders while I worked to connect the cable to the screw-thing that had broken inside the converter (so we couldn't watch part of Much Ado About Nothing). Then I got the receipt back from the secretary and found that I'd missed the return deadline at the store by 3 days.
I was pretty snappy after that.
I do miss being the English teacher next door to you. (sigh)
Tell Doris hi.
If money's tight, we can bag the trip to Sego, you know.
I spent today gardening. I hope to have a post up on it tomorrow, but right now the light's not good for the photo I want to take.

Max said...
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Max said...

By then I'm going to need a vacation, so if at all possible, we're still going, but thanks for the offer (or is it a counter-offer?) Tuition is due the middle of this month, so I'll know one way or the other by then, I'll let you know....
As for Butt-ars, since he doesn't have either a brain or a heart, the usual places to shoot for assassination, I think we're pretty much stuck with him. Unless the voters are smart enough to elect a Democrat. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Oh, that was a good laugh.

A Paperback Writer said...

He has lungs-- obviously. Someone could aim for the lungs.
I still have hope.

Max said...

You've got a point there - but can you kill someone who's been brain dead for the last decade?