Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tryptophan uber alles.

So, how was your Thanksgiving? Mine was great. Slept in until almost 11, layed around the house for a couple of hours and then went over to A&M's house. Ate my full share of the 5000 calories that they newspaper said was the average American intake for the day, saw most of the family, played poker, watched Uncle Buck & Elf and then came home. An excellent day. Thanks Alex & Marijke for the feast! Hope the rest of you had as good a day as I did. And now I'm going to go to bed because I have a study session right around noon tomorrow, the feedback on the second phase of our project said "talk to me ASAP" no less than 3 times. Yikes! It's not as bad as it sounds (we got 80% as it is) but he's still going to let us revise it and improve our grade. Anyhoo, gonna run.


A Paperback Writer said...

Nice title. It actually took me a second to get it -- but then I thought it was hysterical.

Max said...

Thanks. It's good to see my attempt at being subtle was successful.

A Paperback Writer said...

Yeah, subtlety usually isn't your thing. But this was good.