Wednesday, November 07, 2007

2 out of 3 ain't bad.

Of the 3 issues I voted on, 2 of them went the way I voted; School Vouchers and Salt Lake City Mayor. In both cases over 60% of the people agreed with me. The one I lost was the bond for new police and fire facilitlies in Salt Lake City - it lost 51% to 49%.
I was struck by the contrast in the concession speeches of defeated candidate Dave Buhler and the Pro-voucher camp. Buhler congradulated Becker, and made a positive comment about the new mayor and the changes he will bring to the mayors office. The voucher people, on the other hand, slammed the anti-voucher people by saying that vouchers didn't pass because people "really don't care about children", and promised that vouchers are not dead in Utah. 62% of the people who cared enough to vote said they do not want vouchers. But that doesn't matter because, after all, they really know what's best for us. Didn't think I could have less respect for the pro-voucher leaders, but at least in that respect they proved me wrong.


A Paperback Writer said...

I voted for the police thing, but it barely got any press with all the voucher crap going on.
As to the defeated camps, well, Buhler is apparently a mature human being, and the voucher people are less than that.
Still mad? Don't shop I never will again. I haven't bought there since I found out it was funding the idiodicy.
Oh, and I left you a "back seat" response on my blog.

Max said...

Nah, not really mad - although I'll never buy from I'm kind of offended, and amazed that he would be stupid and immature enough to actually utter that sentiment. But that's ok, it got a resounding NO, the populace of Utah finally garnered enough balls to directly reverse the out of control Utah state Legislature and we prevented another case of Welfare for the Rich. That and Becker is going to be mayor. But I also agree that the Police/Fire thing was dwarfed by the Voucher - might have fared better otherwise.

A Paperback Writer said...

A final "backseat" comment awaits you on my blog. :)
With all this blogging going on tonight, did you even pay attention in your class? Geez.
(I'd apologize for sounding like a teacher, but, well, like you care....)