Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sit back and take a breath, finally......

Long time no write. Been a little bit busy with everything going on. But I've got a few days without anything going on, other than getting together with family and eating a lot. That and Sir Duke is in town again - or will be tonight.

I know it is ironic that I have more time to do my blogging when I'm here in class than any other time, but there's a lot of discussing going on that I can keep in the periphery. We just got told the story about the Greek god Thueth and King Thamus. Shouldn't it be Thueth and Thamuth? Thath the way I thee it. The story isn't that great, I just thought the names sounded funny, so I had to post them here. But for the record, the god Thueth created writing and was so excited about it that he took it to King Thamus. King Thamus, on the other hand was not so excited, he felt that transmitting knowledge through writing would detract from the actual learning, that the focus would be on the writing and would result in unauthentic learning. The comparison is with technology today. Think about it.
Well, back home and it's Thanksgiving day. So, I hope you're all having a :
Happy Thanksgiving!
I'll be heading out to A&M's house in a couple of hours for dinner and general family fun and the mandatory viewwing of "Uncle Buck".
I watched "Almost Famous" a couple of days ago, wanted to see if my car really was in the movies. It was. For about 3 seconds during the credits, partially hidden behind a Mercedes. But it was definitly my car, and kind of cool to see it in a movie. I watched the whole movie looking to see if I could see more of the car, but I didn't. I kind of got into the movie, so if it was in the background again, I could have missed it, but it certainly didn't have a huge part in the movie. Now I'm borrowing "Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas" which will, hopefully, be a little less anticlimatic.
Sorry this post has been kind of choppy and disjointed - I've been adding to is over a couple days. I've also added some photo galleries, if you want to check them out.
Well, have a great Thanksgiving and prepare for the Christmas Advertising Onslaught......


A Paperback Writer said...

Prepare for the Christmas advertising onslaught? You mean the 9000 catalogs I've received during October don't count?!

Max said...

Yeah, you thought it was bad before, now is when they really gear up. I just brought in today's newspaper - it weighs more than my LTD!