Sunday, November 25, 2007

421 days to go.......

I just signed up for next semester. I'm taking Introduction to Research Design and Integration of Educational Technology. Personally, I think I'm going to enjoy the technology one more that the research one, I love working with the technology in my classroom, and I don't see myself doing a lot of research. But you never know, since I do a lot of technology I could see myself getting bored with it, and maybe I'll really like research - could lead my career in a previously unseen direction. It's happened before. I never thought I'd be the Tech Specialist for a small high school, teaching both math and psychology. I thought I'd live out my career teaching math in a junior high setting. Point being you never know where things are going to lead you, you gotta be ready to try and sometimes, like me, you end up somewhere you love being. (is this seminar on cassette or DVD?).
Anyway, we're almost done with the fiorst semester. We have one final project to put together for the Instructional Design class, and on Thursday we will be assigned our final subject in Learning Theory. FINALS WEEK! Man I miss those days. (uh, no, not really). Just don't expect to see much here for the next couple weeks.

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