Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Weird Rambling and The Moron of the Day

Ah the opportunity to pick my youngest up from school let me experience the chaos and total lack of consideration that is parents picking their kids up from school. They go where they want, they have no idea anyone else is driving on the same street and they will do hap-hazard things without considering the consequences. I head up the street north of Churchill and a lady pulls over to the right and signals she is going left, I hit my horn to let her know I am there and she can't just flip a u-ee and she gives me this "what's up" look as I pass. I know deep in my heart that if I hadn't given her the horn she would have just flipped first and asked questions later.

Now for the Moron of the Day. I park on the same street past the school buses about 25 feet from the corner. I pull back toward the car behind me to make sure I have left enough space for people to see around the corner and to let kids safely cross the sidewalk. About three minutes later a Range Rover pulls in front of me and backs up almost to my bumper. Her front bumper is half way into the sidewalk crossing. I hit the horn and she just puts it in park. When I go to leave I pass her (after making a 3 or 4 point turn to get out of the space) and she gives me the same "what's up" look. That must be the common theme in this process.

Ramblings . . . . I was going to go to lunch at Trolley Square today and that got me thinking. Where were the private citizens that are the protectors of our civil liberties and defenders of the poor masses against the bad guys when the Albanian immigrant decided to storm the Bed Bath and Beyond with a small army of weapons and ammunition? Isn't this the exact circumstance that the gun lobbyists say requires that people need to carry concealed weapons to defend against? Wouldn't you think that at least one licensed nut-job would have seen this as his opportunity to be Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry? Either they were just as scared as everyone else and kept their guns to themselves or the gun coalition is exaggerating the number of people who want this to happen. Just putting it out there to spark some conversation.

Today is the day that a 70+ elderly lady is going to court in Utah County for resisting arrest which arose from a charge of excessive weeds in her yard. My only hope is that someone with a shred of decency will see the ridiculousness of this and apologize to her, ask for her forgiveness and pay to have her lawn redone. Gloria Alred, a nationally known high profile defense attorney from Los Angeles has agreed to represent her. Maybe she can talk some sense into the folks in Utah County or at least embarrass them enough to lay off. Again, just putting it out there for some discussion.

Alex Rossi

Well, Adele (another ex-Churchill teacher) and I came up with a theory about the lack of oxygen in the Olympus Cove area. The only problem with that is that I've seen that type of selfish, arrogant, narcissistic behavior all over the valley and I don't think it is unique here either. I think it's a characteristic of our "have it your way" society.


A Paperback Writer said...

Alex, feel free to drop by the junior high where I teach any morning to experience idiot parents who drive their kid into the parking lot (because, hey, walking across the grass is way too hard for a healthy kid not carrying a cello or major science project) and take up three parking spaces while they discuss their kid's homework with them and teachers line up and wait to get into the lot. (These same parents are the ones who complain that teachers aren't in their rooms early enoug in the day.)

Private Dick said...

You are a genius Gump!!!!