Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Right before leaving for work, there was a national weather warning for Tooele county for high winds. It warned people to stay away from windows and stay inside. Well, I can't imagine what that storm did to Tooele, but when it hit Sugarhouse it was a doozie. The power flickered on and off about 5 times in one hour. One time it was bad enough to shut down the whole system which takes 15 minutes to reboot, the rest it just shut down the gas pumps for 5 minutes or so. The unusual thing was that the customers were all understanding about the situation, not one of them yelled, screamed or demanded we fix the problem immediatly. Almost revives my faith in the human race. Almost.


A Paperback Writer said...

The power was out at my house for several hours. I notice there are STILL plenty of streetlights not working this afternoon.

Max said...

Yeah, the light out in front of the high school was out all day, and our power was flashing on and off all day. Fun, fun stuff