Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Funny thing, I don't have any credit cards.

Got this in an e-mail today.
Dear Bank of America member,Due to recent security upgrades and anti fraud protection measures we request you verify your account.We strongly reccomend you to update your account informationotherwise of neccesity we will freeze your account.Please ensure that all information entered is accurate to validateyour identity, if incorrect information is provided it may lead to account blockage.To update your account follow this lonk Sincerelly,Bank of America Team

Not only did it look cheesy and non-professional, but it was sent to my hotmail account, which I never used in connection to my credit cards. Add the fact that they are threatening to freeze my account, which is kind of funny considering I don't have any credit cards. But that's ok, just to be sure I sent them my Debit card information, including my PIN number. Don't want any problems with that......

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