Saturday, August 11, 2007

All Big Giant Head Circuits are busy, please hold.....

Just started the 3rd season of "3rd Rock from the Sun". Just as funny as ever. Each season came with it's own "A Guide to Living on Earth" and I read the first two the other day. In the first one is a thing on human games. Dick (it's supposedly written by the High Commander) makes an interesting observation about human games in his description of Bobbing for Apples:

"Many human games are built around the delightful childhood fantasy of being handicapped: blind (pin the tail on the donkey), Siamese twins (3 legged race) or brain damaged (boxing). In the bobbing for apples game, a human plays the part of a double amputee whose nourishment has been cruelly tossed into a lake."

And this is his description for Darts : "Drunk people throw sharp objects in a crowded, dimly lit room."

The other thing you notice on the DVD's that you might have missed watching it on prime-time is the titles of the episodes. Some of the funnier examples are :

+ Angry Dick

+ I enjoy Being A Dick

+ Assault With A Deadly Dick

+ Sensitive Dick

+ Will Work For Dick

and so on. I'd list them all, but you get the point. Of course knowing that one of the main characters is Dick Solomon, you realize that they are not flat out obcene, only double-entendre obscene.

Anyhoo, back to season 3. I just watched the episode where the Big Giant Head sends his Big Giant Neice down to play the part of Dick's wife. (Aptly played by Roseanne Barr).


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