Saturday, August 04, 2007

A day at the Races.

Alex had a few free tickets to a classic car race out at the Larry Miller complex out in Tooele (sorta), so Saturday we headed out there. We left around 9 in the morning and got there with questioning the parenthood of only 12 other drivers on the road, gave the parking dude a hard time because we didn't want to park where he wanted us to and headed in to see the cars. (If you want to see them, and all the other pictures, click HERE.) We got there in time to see the whatchamacallit car race (not stock-car). After that we wandered around a bit and looked at all the cars, watched the go-cart races and some kid on a dirt bike catching some really good air, I got some good pictures of that. We ate lunch at the concession stand, and of course had to critique it. Our conclusions, for your dining pleasure, was that the food was considerably better than that at the Delta Center (I refuse to call it that other name) yet every bit as expensive. The garlic-fries got a 2 thumbs up, might have gotten 3 if Danny had ordered any. Oh, and there was live entertainment too; every couple of minutes the manager yelled "Don't stand in the doorway, the door needs to stay closed so the bugs don't get in". The best part came next. For $20 you can ride in the passenger seat of one of the racing Mustangs for a full lap around the track, with a professional driver at the wheel. Danny wasn't sure if he wanted to go or not - he would have had to borrow the $20 from one of us and he wasn't sure he wanted to. But, before he could decide, they informed us that you could not go if you weren't wearing full shoes, and he had sandals on. (The lady getting us to sign the liability waiver even loaned her shoes to another lady so she could go.) Anyway, it was a blast. We got up to almost 150 mph at one point, and they were going around the corners squealing like all get out. Alex and I got in 2 cars side by side. He got the lead right off the line, and it was neck in neck until we rounded the 3rd corner. I (ok, my driver) took the inside corned and edged past Alex, taking the lead for most of the race. Except for the last corner, where Alex took the inside and passed me, getting to the finish line first. When we stopped they sent out people to unbuckle us, and we found out why - our hands were shaking so bad we couldn't have undone them if we'd had to. Fun, definitly worth the $20. We then wandered around some more looking at more of the cars, and headed out to the stands to watch the stock car races. We left around 12:30, it was a great morning.

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A Paperback Writer said...

Yeah, I would've paid $20.00 to do that. cool.