Monday, April 09, 2007

What is the deal?

Why is it that every time I tell someone that I'm going to be teaching Psychology next year they break out in hysterical laughter? Even my dad, as we're standing on Danny's roof in the hot sun, gets that "I really want to laugh, but I probably shouldn't" look on his face when I tell him. Seriously, what's so funny about me teaching Psychology?
Anyway, with the breakup of the "Granite High Community of Small Learning Centers", we're going to be on our own, and no longer hooked up with "The school formerly known as Central" and the Teen Parent Center. So, I decided to let the powers that be know that I would rather teach a couple extra classes and STS at only Granite High, and voila - - - I'm teaching one more class and STS at only the one site. YEAH! The counselors wanted to offer Psychology, asked around and found out that I'm endorsed to teach it, so they offered it and it looks like I'll be teaching one Psych class and 3 math classes (probably 9th grade Algebra, since we're getting 100 or so 9th graders from Granite Park Middle), 3 periods of STS and a prep period. Gonna be a great year.......

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