Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The making of this SAAB was a Subaru story.

You ever notice that whenever you get a new car, or set your sights on one, all of a sudden they seem to be everywhere you look? Ok, so maybe some of you don't change cars often enough to notice, but it really does happen. So, since I got the Subaru, I've been noticing them, and through this noticing I've discovered something very odd. Ford has been selling Mazdas as Fords for years, Chevy the same with Subaru and Chrysler with Mitsubishi. I was a little shocked when Mazda first started selling the Ford Ranger as it's own pickup, and then Honda wanted a SUV before it had time to really develop one, so it re-badged the Isuzu Rodeo as it's own. Well, now Ford owns Jaguar and the latter's looking a lot like a Crown Victoria, and Lord only knows what Mercedes' are going to look like now that they're owned by Chrysler. But, now they've gone too far. Skipping right over the good old USA, the Japanese and the Swedes have crossed borders without including one of the Big 3. So, I'm noticing the Subaru Imprezas around town when I realize that one I'm looking at happens to have a SAAB emblem on it's hood. Yup, SAAB seems to have wanted a small AWD sedan and wagon, and like Honda wanted to get it on the market before they were ready, so they just got 'em from Subaru, changed the front and back a little bit, and called it their own. And you're all so damn impressed at my detective work, eh? And they said that watching all that CSI and Law & Order would never prove useful............

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