Friday, April 20, 2007

Bein' Sick Sucks.

Been fighting a cold all week, just when I think I'm over it I wake up the next morning feeling like it crapola. Had enough of it when the alarm went off and I stumbled to over to it. Stumbled, like I had been drinking all night and was still drunk. Went through the standard 4 snoozes hoping to get over it, without any luck. Half hour of coffee and Channel 2 News (used to be Fox 13, until it became the American Idol News) didn't help, and when I was brushing my teeth, one hand on the wall to hold me up, I thought this was ridiculous and I ought to just call in sick. Fortunately it was a tech day, a day I have no classes, so I didn't have to do any planning. Called subfinder, the school and the Tech Department at the district, laid my head down for a minute and zonked out for a couple hours. Woke up around 9ish and called Chevron to let them know I wouldn't be in tonight. I have a theory, drilled into my head by my mother when I was a kid, that if I'm too sick to go to school, I'm too sick to go out after school too. No exceptions (she didn't believe in miracle 3 o'clock cures.) Slept pretty much the rest of the day. But I'm feeling much better now.

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