Sunday, August 02, 2015

Two Men Walk Into A Bar. What Happens Next Is Amazing.

One says to the other: “You didn’t see it either?”

[The Following is a Public Service Announce for the people who got here from their Facebook Account]

Yes folks, here I am making fun of yet another Facebook trend.  This is another way for a website (chock full ‘o advertising) to bump up those hit numbers.

Which wouldn’t be so annoying if you didn’t have to scroll or click through a bunch of crap to get to what is so amazing – which usually isn’t.

There’s a lot of stupid stuff on Facebook.  Usually I just scroll past it until I see something funny or worth looking at.  But, as you probably have noticed, if I see a good chance to poke fun at it, I will.

Bon Voyage, and thanks for upping the hits on my blog.  Not that it does me any financial good, since I don’t have advertising.

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Lisa Shafer said...

It's not just Facebook. There are so many articles where you have to click forty tabs just to get to the point.