Monday, August 17, 2015

Thanks California, Washington and Oregon.

Salt Lake City, Utah – August 17, 2015

There is a haze over our city, and it’s not even our fault.

We’re getting smoke from the wildfires in northern California right now.  It leaves the city looking like a we’re in the middle of a typical winter inversion.  And you can smell it – it’s like I’m living next to a perpetual campfire.

The good news – a cold front is heading our way and the winds are going to change.  They are going to change from the west to the north west.

The bad news – there are a bunch of wild fires in Oregon and Washington state, so we’re still going to be getting smoke.

On the bright side – smoky air makes for amazing sunrises and sunsets.  Today’s sunrise:


I’ll try to get some more sunrise/sunset pictures.  If I do, you’ll see them here.


Lisa Shafer said...

With the amount of haze this afternoon, I suspect we're in for a great sunset. And a lot of asthma sufferers in the ER.

Karen S. said...

Haze or no haze, your evening views (okay day views too) are always a delight to see.

Max Sartin said...

That's the big problem with the haze we get here, winter or summer. It's great for sunrise and sunset shots. Not so good for breathing.