Saturday, March 07, 2015

Can you see it?

The latest thing I did to the Jeep?

Since I hate those Facebook pages that don’t tell you what you are supposed to find, I’ll tell you.

I painted the rocker panel; look just below the door.

I put the step bar on to help protect it from sliding up against rocks and stuff, but I decided to paint the rocker panel with truck bed liner to protect it from rocks being kicked up.

As usual, first try didn’t work out perfect.  I had it well taped up, covered with newspaper, so overspray wasn’t the problem.  That happened when I pulled off the tape – the truck bed liner is a plastic coating and the tape pulled it off in a jagged line:

Being all annoyed at the imperfections, I contemplated what to do to make it look right.  Agonized over it for an hour or so, and then came up with the idea to use regular paint to blend from the truck bed liner to a nice straight line.  I think it worked:

I think it looks good now.


Karen S. said...

It sure does, great job too. My first thought (before you spilled it) was that you did something to the mirrors. They appeared to be the only thing without blowing up the photos that could have been different to my eyes!

Max Sartin said...

Thanks! And I see what you mean about the mirrors, but that's just the angle and lighting.