Saturday, January 03, 2015

Skull Valley–2 weekends in a row.

This weekend I went with my brothers.  This meant that we could be a little more ambitious in our exploring, since we had 2 Jeeps out there. 

There was a little more snow there this weekend than there was last weekend.

Even with 2 vehicles, there are still some times we get out and walk it before driving it.   It ended up being good enough to drive it.

Both the jeeps up at the end of the road.

We ran into some extraterrestrials.  Nice beings, but the extra nose was hard to get used to.

(Ok, that was really just my little brothers radio controlled flying thingy.)

The two Jeeps up on the hilltop between Skull Valley and Tooele valley.

Same place, with my two brothers in the picture, and Stansbury Island behind them.


Karen S. said...

How cool. As you head back to school you'll be recalling these fun little outings! Plus we get to see them too!

Lisa Shafer said...

Definitely better lighting this week!