Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Oh, so proud!

How big a deal would it be if the Russians landed a man on the moon this year?  Yeah, big deal.  That was already done back in 1969.  (Well, unless you’re a aluminum foil wearing conspiracy theorist that thinks it was all faked).

I don’t know if it’s this bad outside of Utah, but for the last couple months I’ve had to put up with  front-page articles on the amazing election of Mia Love;  “the first black female Republican member of Congress.”

Big whoop.  The Democrats elected a black female to Congress back in 1968.   Shirley Chisholm was inaugurated over 45 years ago.

Ok, maybe I’m a little more annoyed at this celebration because I’ve had it thrown in my face almost weekly since the election.  I’ll also admit that it also has to do with the fact that I can’t stand Tebagger Party darling Mia Love’s politics.    It also could be that I’m disgusted by the fact that I am now “represented” by the Three Stooges (Jason Chaffetz, Mike Lee and now Mia Love) instead of only 2. 

Enough ranting.  Congratulations Republicans, you finally caught up with the Democrats -of 1968.


Lisa Shafer said...

Did you see the letter to the editor wherein the writer complained that the Tribune was treating Love like a Kardashian? Hilarious.
Yeah, I never thought the Trib would be so focused on making Love look good.
I agree; we're represented by idiots. Did you hear that Love was hanging out with Michelle Bachman? Swell.

Max Sartin said...

Yeah, I loved that letter to the editor. Mia Love and Michelle Bachman? "The meeting of the mind?"